Cotano de diego



I make timeless scenographies, filled with serenity and elegance, with an intensive care for details and love for unique objects.

interior design

Each space represents a new challenge to accomplish the balance between practicality and aesthetics, with preference for noble and classic materials.

the studio

Cotano de Diego is closely linked to Valgreen Studio, where I work in symbiosis with complementary professionals who bring our signature to the Valgreen brand.

Latest Work

Florence 43

Florence has a daring personality, exotic and sophisticated.

Audrey 354

Audrey is elegant, of reinterpreted classics. A girl of the world, free and charming.

Craig 161

Craig is extroverted, mature and balanced; conjugates old and new elements

Brigitte 127

Brigitte is a classy lady of elegant manners, full of shine and jewels.

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